The RVTTC is delighted to offer a new online education portal for all RVTTC members. This portal makes available to you hundreds of online courses in a variety of veterinary related topics.

This new CE portal will make CE easy for our members. As the course materials increase, you will be able to stay up-to-date with the latest veterinary innovations and developments. Tune in often to see new courses as they become available.

Everyone that registers will have their own account and can create their own unique profile, thereby getting the education that is most relevant to YOU! The system will also allow you to track and record all Continuing Education undertaken, both online and live events and provide you with an up to date CE record of your participation that you will be able to submit to your local association.

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NEW! “If You Only Knew…” RVTTC & VIROX partner to offer a new online education portal: 

The Registered Veterinary Technologists and Technicians of Canada (RVTTC) and Virox® Animal Health are excited to come together to provide the RVT community with an opportunity to revisit the importance of cleaning, disinfecting, and infection prevention via a 3-part complimentary online course titled “If You Only Knew…” which is available on– as an educational portal.

The course will explore the ways in which scents from disinfectants used at a veterinary clinic can impact
patients in ways that are not always apparent. The first module will focus on the effect of scent in
cleaning products and its influence on the patient’s experience (spoiler alert: strong smells can be
scary!). Modules 2 and 3 of the course will explain how to best navigate the disinfectant landscape and
how to implement a disinfection strategy tailored to the needs of the practice.

Each module takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. RVT’s completing the course will walk away
feeling engaged and empowered to take on the critical role of disinfectant decision maker. A vital role
that will go a long way to help keep their clinic and its patients happy and healthy!

Learn more about how to wipe away the fear (and the mess!) with Virox® and check out the course
today at

TAVM – Toronto Academy of Veterinary Medicine (

          • April 10, 2019 – Hospital Seminar Series
            • Dr. Judy Rochette
            • Dentistry Equipment & Go Home Time

          • May 15th, 2019 – Hospital Seminar Series
            • Dr. Scott Weese
            • Infectious Diseases

VetFolio – Online Continuing Veterinary Medical Education

CommuniVETTM represents the evolution of the North American Veterinary Research Group (NAVRG), an online community founded in 2003 for Canadian veterinarians and other stakeholders in the animal health industry.

To meet the ever-changing needs of Canadian veterinary professionals, CommuniVET™ offers veterinarians and animal health technicians an exclusive online destination for continuing education, veterinary news, and clinical developments… as well as a forum through which the veterinary community can help shape our industry.

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Fetch – DVM360 Conference

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Hill's®Hills® Veterinary Nutrition Assistant


Veterinary Nutritional Advocate Program

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VETERINARY Support Personnel Network – VSPN

VSPN is all about bringing together members from all over the world to interact, teach, and learn from each other. As a member of VSPN, you’ll have access to thousands of colleagues worldwide who want to help you and your patients — 24-hours a day!

VSPN has over 35,000 members world-wide ranging from veterinary assistant students to veterinary technician specialists. As a member of the VIN family, all of this is brought together and powered by the Veterinary Information Network.

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Providing Educational Pathways to Great CareersVetMedTeam was developed to help grow the careers of the members of the veterinary healthcare team through online continuing education.Membership in VetMedTeam is free of charge.